Charities Including:

  • Registered Charities

  • Excepted Charities

  • Charitable Foundations

  • Charitable Trusts

  • Unincorporated Groups

  • Uniformed Organisations

Charities are very diverse, from an international aid foundation to a local youth group. Everyone wants to spend time on the primary mission, fundraising and activities, not managing the organisation.

For most non-profits, committees and meetings are still the dominant way of making decisions and managing the day to day operations. More and more organisations are searching for tools to help them keep up with ever-increasing demands. Studies show that almost 80% of non-profit organisations consider the effective use of information technology a challenge.

Another common hurdle for non-profit management is running multi-site operations. Managing and keeping in touch with local offices is not an easy task. A lot of money and resources are wasted by email, phone calls, printing services, and mailing agenda packages for meetings. Furthermore, local management teams often feel isolated due to a lack of communication with other offices and the organisation’s headquarters.

Most, if not all, organisations have to operate on a very tight budget and in many cases, don’t have the funds to purchase expensive management software packages and pay for the required staff training. Charities are valuable community assets that need to have effective management.

How will it help?

Easy-to-use committee and meeting management.

  • Easy-to-use committee and meeting management.

  • Create meeting agendas and minutes with just a few clicks

  • Upload all meeting documents and attach them to the meeting agenda or directly to individual agenda items. No more expensive agenda packages to mail out!.

  • Add comments to agenda or minute items and get corrections made ahead of the meeting saving you valuable meeting time!

  • Forum-like discussions to keep your members connected between meetings and work together on committee tasks.

  • Access and manage your committee information (meeting agendas and minutes, documents, committee tasks, and discussions) in a central place from any computer with Internet access.

  • Get your board and committee members more involved and connected. The increased communication will build trust and improve performance.

Other benefits:

  • No software to purchase, install or maintain. Get up and running in minutes!

  • No technical knowledge or training required.

  • You can start using CommitteeHQ by simply providing your name, email and password.